Creating positive impact

by combining activism,

entrepreneurship and design.


"Positive change is directed through design as a process.

And the good thing about processes is that they can be copied, changed to fit, and upscaled."

Regenerative Design is a design agency by Jan Leyssens that is focussed on creating positive impact.

Sustainability is not just about trying to change the world, it’s about empowerment.
Empowering yourself and others, and empowering the idea that our actions really can make a difference.

At Regenerative Design we believe that you can't make sustainability a positive story if your main focus lies on negative impact. That's why our focus is on designing positive impact.

On making things that regenerate our planet, society and economy.



At switchrs we guide companies in translating big sustainability challenges into concrete ambitions and business models. Developing new opportunities that understand how to combine doing good business with doing business for good.

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Wonderwaar / Marvelous but true

Wonderwaar is a childbook-series that focusses on the curiosity that drives scientific research.

The background story is a TEDx-talk about Wonderment by Jan.

More info at (Dutch)

The End of The world

(as we know it)

The end of the world (as we know it) was a performance-lecture that played in theatres in Belgium and The Netherlands in 2017 and 2018.
The performance explores how technology and the makermovement can help in creating a brand new world, but more importantly it embraces the chaos, curiosity and tinkering that is vital to innovation.

"The end of the world" was created by Regenerative Design, De eenzamen and C-mine Genk, you can watch it here (Dutch).

21st Century Design podcast

21st Century Design is a research-podcast by Engage by Design & Regenerative Design in which we ask designers, tech-experts, writers, theorists, academics, activists and campaigners 5 questions on the future of design.

You can find the podcast at


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