• Regenerative Design?

    Regenerative Design is a social and circular business design agency founded by Jan Leyssens.


    At Regenerative Design we believe that you can't make sustainability a positive story if your main focus is on negative impact. That's why our focus is on designing positive impact. On making things that regenerate our planet, society and economy.


    Regenerative Design.


  • What we do.

    At Regenerative Design we focus on strategic design throughout the entire design proces. This translates in projects that help in emerging and sorting, evolving and translating, or collecting and spreading ideas and opportunities in the Circular Economy.

    Emerging and sorting ideas.

    (Exploring new opportunities)

    We're constantly looking for new ways to engage with the Circular Economy and Social Innovation. That's why we're non-stop exploring new opportunities together with entrepreneurs, non-profits, governments and civil society organizations.


    You have an idea you'd like to share with us? Want to organize a brainstorm idea-generation session? Want to find new opportunities to explore? Looking for a fast and proven way to translate all those ideas into tangible products? Give us a call and we'll grab a coffee to explore!

    evolving and translating ideas.

    (Strategic (business) design)

    Whether you're a new organization, an experienced company, or are part of the government finding its role within the bigger social movements, shift happens.


    The biggest challenge with big theoretical models like the Circular Economy and Social Innovation is knowing how to translate it in different contexts. At Regenerative Design we are constantly keeping an eye on the social, economical and technological shifts that are shaping these contexts in which we work.


    Based on these insights, and the patterns that emerge from them, we provide strategic consultancy using tools we created especially for dealing with Circular Economy and Social Innovation challenges.

    Collecting and spreading ideas.

    (Also known as storytelling)

    Design in its purest form is about self-expression. About storytelling.


    At Regenerative Design we're great fans of stories and the various ways of sharing them with others. That's why we created a podcast, a theatre show, give lectures, helped in designing expositions, are working on a series of children's books ... .


    Don't hesitate to contact us for a lecture, inspiration session or tailor-made project. You can also check out Jan Leyssens' public speaking profile here.

  • The end of the world as we know it

    A lecture performance (Dutch) on the makermovement, technology, activism, social innovation and the Circular Economy.

    Full Circle

    Accelerator workshop for Circular Economy, based on Google SPRINT.

    21st Century Design Podcast

    A research podcast on the future of design and designing the future.

    Public speaking

  • Clients

    Some of the awesome organizations we've had the pleasure to work for or with.

  • Contact Us

    Don't be afraid to reach out, we're always in for a cup of tea.

    Leave a message here or contact us at hi@regenerativedesign.eu.